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  • 19 August 2016 11:39


IDE and ‘AKSI SIAGA HANSAPLAST’ teach Healthy Habits & First Aid principles to school kids from an early age to make a lasting change

Sydney, 19 August 2016 – Making a difference to the local community in a way that will have a lasting impact, is the bold aim of many corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, and the team at Aimia in Indonesia and their partners can confidently point to a CSR success story that has been making a real change in schools across Indonesia since 2012.

This July, Aimia's IDE (Innovasi Dalam Edukasi) program for schools, in partnership with Hansaplast, was recognized by Marketing Magazine's Loyalty and Engagement Awards for its achievements in CSR. The IDE program, which has been helping kids adopt and learn healthy habits for the last 14 years through innovative interactive teaching methods focuses on using loyalty principles to teach kids skills that they can take with them through life and into the community. The program, which is supported by some of the biggest brands in Indonesia, covers:

• Personal health and hygiene – For example getting into the habit of regular hand washing • Nutrition - Understanding the importance of drinking water • Care for the environment – Clean-up operations in the local community • Social Skills • Communication skills • Money sense

In the program's latest project, Aimia teamed up with the Hansaplast brand to create the Aksi Siaga Hansaplast, a program which teaches kids from 350 schools how to care for themselves and others when they are injured. Collaborating with the Ministry of Education and the Scouts movement, kids learned how to properly treat a wound, gathered First Aid kits to distribute to the local community and built a real spirit of caring through the participating schools. The kids’ understanding of the program materials is measured before and after the IDE Interactive Fun Learning sessions in every school.

The activities were extended to involve parents via an inter-school competition to collect as many first aid kits as possible to be distributed to the local community. Students then performed demonstrations of their learning to other members of the community. At the conclusion of the program, a competition of games, focused on the theme of caring, was held between the top 20 schools in Bandung & Surabaya with great success. The Aksi Siaga Hansaplast 2015 program ran for five months and reached more than 33,800 students between the ages of six and 11, and 2,700 teachers in 100 schools. In total, 150,000 first aid kits were created and distributed to 1,000 local groups. Bayu Isnawan, Marketing Manager Hansaplast, PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, said, “Aksi Siaga Hansaplast is part of our commitment to raise children’s knowledge, skill, and confidence in implementing first aid from an early age. Further, we expect this program to increase public awareness of the importance of creating first aid kits at home.”

“Aksi Siaga Hansaplast clinching the Loyalty and Engagement Award reflects the impact of the IDE program on the participating schools, with one headmaster commenting that he had seen a real change in student attitudes to each other and the local community thanks to the program,” said Shalini Gopalan, president director, Aimia Indonesia.

The IDE program is owned and operated by Aimia Indonesia with the support of brands in the country. Using a team of experts called Duta IDE, Aimia works alongside teachers using flipcharts, songs, homework books, role-plays and games in the classroom designed by our team of experienced creative professionals. The IDE program is run in the field by a team of more than 50 ambassadors who assist teachers in sharing the learning materials. In 2015, IDE reached more than 1,900 schools, 500,000 students, and 35,000 teachers in five major cities in Indonesia. Since the program first launched in 2002, it has reached more than 4,000,000 students in the country.

Aimia welcomes relevant brands who have a part to play in teaching kids healthy habits to join in supporting the program. Email for more information



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