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  • 31 May 2016 11:24

Fundamental shift set to shake the WAN solutions market

By John Vincenzo, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Silver Peak

Arguably the most influential documents in IT are the Magic Quadrants from Gartner. Vendors and end-users alike await the publication of the various MQs to see who are the Leaders, the Challengers, the Niche players and the Visionaries in the respective industries.

Vendors all look in those four boxes and try to determine what it all means and how to best leverage it.

At Silver Peak, we’re no different. When the May 2016 MQ for WAN optimisation was published, we couldn’t wait to see where we ended up. Fortunately, we were in the Leader quadrant once more and we are the furthest in completeness of vision. It’s incredible progress and we’re all proud of the company we’ve built.

But if there ever was a Magic Quadrant in which the industry should look beyond the squares, it’s this one. Optimisation has been an established market for many years now, but the times are changing. The words Gartner writes about trends in the industry and what it means to the market are game-changing.

A fundamental shift is under way and its impact on the WAN solutions market will be significant. First, according to the report, Gartner now sees “enterprise network leaders moving their WAN strategies toward new WAN architectures” including, hybrid WAN, SD-WAN and network function virtualisation (NFV). In fact, the opening line of the report states that WAN optimisation will be a feature of WAN designs.

Our take on this is that hybrid WAN, SD-WAN and NFV are the wave of the future and companies that offer solutions for these designs should ensure that the WAN optimisation feature is included. It speaks volumes that we’re the only company listed as a leader where consideration is given to both traditional WAN optimisation and data centre replication, as well as for SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN. (The smaller, pure-play SD-WAN companies aren’t included since they don’t address performance or the challenges solved by WAN optimisation such as degraded performance over distance, slower response times of applications and reducing bandwidth requirements over the WAN).

Other companies get consideration for WAN optimisation, but with a shift afoot to SD-WAN and hybrid WAN, we believe the ability to merge our strengths in SD-WAN and WAN optimisation into a single solution sets us apart. Our recent customer announcement that highlighted 100 new SD-WAN customers proves this. It shows that performance matters in the WAN, regardless of the architecture. This is why all WAN solutions, particularly SD-WAN solutions, are not created equal.

Silver Peak’s vision is coming to fruition and that’s exciting. Now it’s on to ramping execution even faster. Stay tuned!

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