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  • 22 September 2004 09:38

Conexus announces Australian release of Webroot Window Washer

Award-winning privacy protection software includes a choice of simple and advanced user interfaces, one-click file shredding, critical file protection and a free privacy diagnostic tool


Sydney, 22 September 2004 -- Conexus, a leading specialist distributor of enterprise, education and entertainment technologies for Windows and Macintosh, today announced the release in Australia of Webroot Window Washer 5.5, which protects users' privacy and maximises system performance by deleting unnecessary files.

The award-winning Window Washer offers comprehensive cleaning of the latest versions of the most popular web browsers including AOL, Internet Explorer and Netscape. Window Washer also extends privacy protection well beyond the browser with automatic detection and cleaning capabilities for more than 160 of the most popular PC applications including Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat, Windows Media Player, KaZaa and more.

A significant enhancement in Window Washer 5.5 is the Folder and File Shredder functions, which extends the product's "Bleach" capability. Bleach, the over-write of deleted files, permanently removes and overwrites the selected file with random characters, rendering it unrecoverable by undelete or unerase programs. Folder and File Shredder provide secure over-write algorithms and give users the ability to shred entire folders or single files simply by right-clicking on them.

"Whether you're online and offline while using your PC, your activities leave tracks, which leave the door open to privacy invasions. Those stored tracks (found in browser cache, cookies, history, forms and files) also significantly slow down system performance," said Steve Thomas, founder of Webroot, the publisher of Window Washer.

"To help users fully understand the privacy and performance issues they face, we've developed a unique, free web tool that quickly scans a user's system and returns a 'privacy diagnosis'," continued Thomas. The tool is available at, and takes only seconds to run.

In keeping with its educational approach, Window Washer 5.5 lets users select which user interface -- basic or advanced -- best meets their needs. The Basic option provides users with an easy-to-navigate interface, limiting options and ensuring a safe wash immediately after installation (no option changes are necessary). The Advanced screen is for the more experienced user, giving them the option of customising how Window Washer 5.5 handles cookies, plug-ins and other custom wash options.

Window Washer 5.5 also addresses user fears of unintentionally deleting critical files by adding several layers of protection.

Little known "data hideouts" are also cleaned by Window Washer 5.5. For example, Window Washer 5.5 cleans slack space on a hard drive. Space for files is reserved in blocks of bytes. When a document doesn't need all the space in a certain block, the remaining space is called slack space. Slack space presents a security danger as it contains content from previously saved and deleted files -- even though the file appears to be deleted. Window Washer 5.5 permanently deletes the leftover data in these areas.

Window Washer 5.5 also ships with a free companion program, My Personal Favorites, a stand-alone product from Webroot that that normally sells online for US$29.95 (more than AU$40). My Personal Favorites acts as a password manager, allowing users to manage all their user names and passwords from a hidden, encrypted location. My Personal Favorites runs in the background and prevents unauthorised access to users' bookmarks, user names, passwords and subscription web sites.

Windows Washer features in detail

File and Folder Shredder. The Folder and File Shredder is integrated into the Windows right-click menu, giving users the ability to instantly shred a document with the click of the mouse. It also optionally shreds a folder and all of its contents. Once Shred is selected, a confirmation appears, confirming that the file should be deleted, and additional detail is provided if the selected file is in a system folder.

Instant Messaging Cleaning. Window Washer cleans all popular instant messaging (IM) files (including ICQ, AIM and Yahoo Instant Messenger), deleting IM tracks in the same way it deletes web tracks -- quickly and permanently.

Enhanced File Protection. Window Washer includes safety precautions to prevent users from accidentally removing important files. When a user attempts to wash files located in special folders (including system folders, My Documents and My Photos), Window Washer 5.5 will alert the user to any potential danger and prompt them for a confirmation before proceeding with the wash.

Integrated Plug-ins. Popular plug-ins such as Adobe Acrobat and Windows Media Player are integrated into the software, automatically discovering and installing appropriate plug-ins on installation.

Customised User Interface. Users can select the interface that best matches their comfort and experience level. The beginner screen is intuitive and immediately allows for a safe wash experience. The advanced screen gives users additional options such as keeping cookies from a specific domain or skipping plug-ins during a wash.

Slack Space and Stream Cleaning. Window Washer 5.5 cleans hard to find data "hideouts" such as slack space and streams. Slack space presents a security danger as it contains content from previously saved and deleted files -- even though the file appears to be deleted.

Page File Cleaning. Window Washer cleans the Pagefile (Windows 2000 or XP) upon a cold or warm reboot and resets the contents.

Automatic PC Cleaner. Schedule automatic cleaning cycles at specified intervals, during shut down or start-up.

Convenient and Easy-to-Use. One mouse click launches the Wash Now function.

Custom Wash Items. Simply click and assign your personal set of files, folders or registry entries for cleaning.

Bleach for Extra Security. Completely overwrite files with random characters making them unrecoverable by undelete or un-erase utilities.

File Protection. Built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally removing important files. When you attempt to wash files located in special folders (including system folders, My Documents and My Photos), Window Washer 5.5 will alert you to any potential danger and prompt you for a confirmation before proceeding with the wash.

Cookie Keeper. Save valuable cookies to maintain your preferred internet settings and log-ins, then let Window Washer delete cookies you don't want.

Pricing and Availability

Window Washer supports Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME or XP. The software is priced at $79.95 and is available now through retailers nationwide. To find your nearest stockist, contact Conexus on 02 9975 2799, 03 9328 1277 or


About Conexus

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