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  • 25 February 2004 15:30

Conexus announces AirFlo Game Controllers and Mouse

CONEXUS to distribute NYKO award winning AirFlo Game Controllers and AirFlo Mouse in Australia.


LOS ANGELES  (February 25, 2004) - Nyko TechnologiesTM, a manufacturer of innovative peripherals, has appointed CONEXUS to distribute its range of products within Australia.

Nyko was recently honored with a Best of Innovations award for its Air FloTM Technology at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest annual trade show for consumer technology. 

The Innovations program singled out Nyko's Air FloTM  line as the No. 1 product in electronic gaming, one of 20 categories in consideration.  The awards are judged by a panel of top designers, engineers and journalists reviewing user value, aesthetics and original design and qualities. 

Nyko's Air FloTM  Technology gives game players a consistent flow of fresh air through the device to cool their fast-moving fingers while they play their favorite titles. "Even we were surprised at the amazing popularity of the Air Flo controllers," said Susan Corben, director, marketing, Nyko Technologies. "While some gamers love the controller for its uniqueness, many gamers truly appreciate the Air Flo technology for its hand-drying benefits, which make game playing much more comfortable.

The range includes;

• Air Flo EX for PlayStation 2 features an exclusive grip design, two air speeds for customised ventilation and is powered by the gaming system itself. The Air Flo EX ends sweaty hands while playing video games by giving gamers a consistent flow of fresh air through the controller grips. In addition, the Air Flo EX features a grip design, improved 8-way D-pad response and improved airflow. Boasting Nyko's patented Air Flo technology, the Air Flo EX has been redesigned with exclusive rubberized grips for improved comfort and even better airflow to end problematic sweaty hands. Allowing for more comfortable game play, the Air Flo EX features two air speeds for customized ventilation. In addition, the Air Flo EX is powered by the gaming system itself so there is no need for batteries. RRP $49.95

• AirFlo EX for Xbox includes the standard Air Flo features, rubberized grips and a built-in variable vibration function. In addition to Nyko's patented Air Flo technology, the new Air Flo EX for Xbox boasts exclusive rubberized grips for improved comfort and control, two air speeds for customized ventilation, an improved 8-way D-pad response, a built-in variable vibration function, pressure sensitive analog buttons, a 10-foot cable and other standard features. The Air Flo EX for Xbox is also 100 percent compatible with Xbox Live and is powered by the gaming system, eliminating the need for batteries. RRP $49.95

• PC Air Flo brings the patented Air Flo technology to PC gamers in a console controller form. The sleek PC Air Flo's handgrips have been designed to provide superior comfort, increased airflow and precision in PC gaming.  Created in silver and black materials for a unique, futuristic look, the PC Air Flo is a console-type controller that has two speeds for customized ventilation. The PC Air Flo is powered by the gaming system itself, eliminating the need for batteries. Additionally, it is plug-and-play with no need to install drivers. RRP $49.95

Nyko's PC Air Flo controller also features a 10-foot cable and other standard features, including dual analog control sticks, 8-way D-pad, built-in variable vibration function and pressure sensitive analog buttons.

• Air Flo Mouse design makes computer use a more comfortable experience with variable Air Flo intensity controls to regulate built-in fan power. Based on Nyko's successful line of Air Flo controllers for the top gaming consoles, the Air Flo Mouse is designed with a built-in fan which filters cool air through systematically designed pores on the outer shell. This unique design provides a cooling sensation that makes both PC gaming and general computer use a more comfortable experience.

Air Flo Mouse features include:

* Variable Air Flo intensity controls to regulate built-in fan power. * High-quality optical sensor for more precise gameplay. * Sleek ergonomic design with rubber grips for optimum comfort, style and performance. * Dual-button design with scroll wheel for convenient display maneuverability.

The Air Flo Mouse's featured technology will appeal not only to gamers who spend hours at a time in heated point and click action, but also to graphic designers, computer animators and other professionals who spend long hours working with a PC. RRP $49.95

The Air FloTM  line is available at major retail and consumer electronics stores

About Nyko Technologies Nyko Technologies is a pioneer of innovative peripherals for interactive entertainment, personal computing and consumer electronics products.  The company's mission is to design products that solve problems and improve user experience with both work and entertainment technology.  Nyko's original products were first introduced with the patented Worm Light.  More recently, Nyko is credited with the award-winning, patented line of Air Flo(tm) Controllers, the world's first series of game and PC controllers with forced air hand-cooling vents.  The manufacturer's other groundbreaking and popular products include revolutionary flagship item Wireless Net Extender(tm), an easy-to-use and secure wireless Ethernet bridge, as well as a variety of licensed and original video game and computer peripherals.  Nyko is headquartered in Los Angeles and has been in business since 1996.   Please go to for more information.

About Conexus:

Founded in 1991, Conexus is a leading specialist distributor of enterprise, education and entertainment technologies . It has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and distributs through major retail outlets nationwide.

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