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  • 13 June 2012 12:57

Monitex Releases Real Time Data Centre Monitoring and Reporting

Affordable SLA and technical ‘single pane of glass’ reporting across 1,000s of sensors and multiple facilities now available for technical, operational and executive level management of data centre infrastructure

Monitex Australia Pty Ltd has today released its affordable, enterprise-grade, interactive monitoring and reporting platform for data centres and large co-location customers. Combining real-time dashboard systems and easy-to-view ‘single pane of glass’ exception reporting, the Monitex solution provides a significant improvement in operational visibility for data centre operators and their customers.

Monitex takes technical and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) to a new level. The precision of the system’s reporting ensures higher rates of availability, fewer SLA breaches, and levels of accountability not previously accessible to most of Australia’s data centre providers and large co-location customers.

Crucial to budgetary considerations is the shift from major capital expenditure. The highly affordable Monitex solution is offered at a monthly fee on contracts starting from six months. Its pricing structure has been built to serve the specific operating conditions in Australia and reduces the business risk for customers who could not previously afford the CapEx for DCIM assurance.

John Painter, Founder and Director of Monitex Australia Pty Ltd, said: “The Monitex offering fills a gap in the Australian data centre and co-location marketplace. The advantages of this step forward in DCIM are that our new platform provides mid-market data centre operators and their customers with reliable, accurate, enterprise-level monitoring of infrastructure for an affordable monthly fee. The Monitex solution can also complement the offerings of larger facilities with a real-time SLA and financial reporting platform.”

Facility engineers, centre managers and CFOs are now presented with tailored, role-specific information. The customisable dashboards display all critical data centre infrastructure information or SLA financial data in a ‘single pane of glass’. And, for additional efficiency, reporting is in real-time via any internet-enabled device, including iOS and Android tablets.

Monitex translates operational data into business metrics, with a strong focus on monitoring commercial SLA conditions within a facility. Immediate feedback is provided in the event of a failure and Monitex automatically produces end-of-month reports plus associated breach calculations for integration with the data centre’s financial system. Installation complexity and time is reduced by complementing or replacing built-in sensors with inexpensive wireless sensors. These now provide the primary or additional monitoring layer, taking over from costly in-facility cabling, switches and black box set ups. Reliability is ensured with the use of multiple wireless readers and real-time dashboards of battery health.

The Monitex Implementation Model The Monitex model involves an initial consultative phase for planning, design, architecture and installation of the platform. It is then a simple, low cost, half-day exercise to configure dashboards and the remote wireless collection system. The wireless sensors are quickly and easily clipped onto temperature/humidity monitors, door alarms, fluid detectors, dry contacts and motion tags related to existing suites. Also available are wireless sensors that plug into existing protocol data units (PDU) for specific port-level monitoring.

All collected data is sent through secure tunnels to an external data centre that powers the dashboard, reporting and alerting engines. This provides customers with enterprise-level resilience, performance and security. The Monitex system is different from traditional DCIM where typically data is collected, stored and analysed inside the data centre being monitored.

Monitex Subscription Packages A typical monitoring and reporting solution for a 100-150 rack facility, including consulting, installation, on-site data collection devices, 10 wireless sensors, up to 10,000 onboard infrastructure sensors and unlimited custom dashboards, is approximately $2,000 per month on a one year contract.

White Labelling and Customer Portals Managed service providers are now able to cost-effectively provide accurate real-time reporting to customers as a credible differentiator for their service offering with a white label managed platform. With the flexibility of the wireless monitoring network, Monitex can generate white label rack-level dashboards for the provider’s customers. This provides additional revenue for the provider with no capital investment required.

A Key Component of Operational Profitability for HarbourMSP HarbourMSP has built a strong reputation for its managed services and high availability, secure data centres across Australia and South-East Asia. A Monitex system comprising power monitoring and wireless sensors across two facilities has been successfully in trials since January this year. Andrew Hardy, Commercial Director at HarbourMSP, said: “With the Monitex trial we have significantly increased the level of visibility we have to our providers. SLA breaches are caught as they occur; accurate C-level reports are generated in real-time; and, importantly, these events are automatically calculated and integrated with our financial and customer systems. We have been very happy with the results that the solution has produced. We see our Monitex system as a key component of our operational profitability, and we will be looking to make Monitex a core component of our customer reporting systems moving forward.”


About Monitex –

Monitex Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company providing enterprise-grade Data Centre monitoring and reporting to data centre operators and large co-location customers. Its groundbreaking, interactive dashboards provide ‘single pane of glass’ views of the data centre environment from customised wireless sensor networks, and provide business level reporting of SLA conditions and compliance.

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