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Cloud computing is the next stage in the Internet’s evolution, providing everything from computing power and infrastructure to applications, business processes, and collaboration systems. Cloud computing will become one of the top IT initiatives for the IT department over the next 12 months. Initiatives will undoubtedly trigger other trends, including mobile printing. Have you got a print solution in place to enable employees to print from their mobile device, or have you started to think and plan for a solution?


Setting a strategy for secure mobile printing

Where, when and how we work is changing. Increasingly, we’re doing business on the road, at the office without a dedicated workstation and from our home offices. A 2010 InfoTrends survey of more than 1,400 mobile knowledge workers in Brazil, Germany, India, Japan and the U.S. echoes this trend. Respondents reported spending, on average, more than half of their time away from hard-wired network access. Implementing an effective strategy to make printing secure and simple for employees—regardless of where those employees happen to be—can help reduce security risks.


HP ePrint Enterprise mobile printing solution

The merger of mobile devices and cloud services has become one of the most significant enablers of business productivity and innovation in the past decade. We now hold the power of communicating and computing in the palms of our hands, nearly anywhere business or life takes us.


Cloud printing in the enterprise: liberating the mobile print experience from cables, operating systems and physical boundaries

In recent years mobile technology has proliferated throughout the enterprise. Today, virtually no one in the workforce is bound to a desk to work, check e-mail or communicate with co-workers and customers. At the same time, we’re seeing the rise of cloud technologies, loosely defined as online resources, often provided as a service, that manage the data and software that used to run solely on PCs..


Quocirca Report : The Mobile Print Enterprise

The widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, across Android, BlackBerry and Apple iOS platforms, has broadened the effectiveness of professional workers to remotely support business requirements. A continued reliance on printing amongst many businesses means IT must provide enterprise mobile printing capabilities that are secure and reliable..