Agile Security: What is it and how do I get there? - Melbourne


Date: 24th July 2012

CSO’s breakfast sessions are crafted to provide deep insight into today’s security challenges. While agile security is an admirable vision, what does it actually look like? This is your opportunity to understand how agility can be achieved, and how to navigate its challenges.

The sessions will address agility in terms of:

• evolving security with the organisation

• managing risks while fostering creativity

• increasing agility without compromise

• identity and access

• aligning technical projects

Our speakers will share real-word technical and strategic experience. They’ll talk you through the concepts, the landscape and key challenges, as well as offer practical tips and strategies you can use in your own organisations.

You’ll hear a case study presented by the organisation itself. They’ll share experiences from their own search for agility—and you’ll gain a rare and valuable insight into how this organisation dealt with the challenges discussed in the sessions.

CSO and NetIQ invite you to enjoy our warm winter breakfast session: Agile Security: What is it and how do I get there?

Facilitated by Matt Tett, Managing Director of Enex TestLab, this session will be your opportunity to question, discuss and learn how to move towards a more agile security posture in your own environment. Following the session, please join us for an open and interactive discussion with our speakers.

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Promenade 3
8 Whiteman Street, Southbank
Melbourne, Victoria

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