Software Art Thou?


Date: 23rd March 2017  — 23rd January 2017

Software Art Thou? is a series of high quality entertaining talks about all aspects of software.
Each night is focused on one presenter and their ideas, so you can get straight to the good parts. No long agendas, no boring announcements, no awkward setup, just food, music, and an entertaining and interesting talk about software.

The Talk:
Knitting and computing may seem completely unconnected, but they’re very similar. Every beginning knitter learns that there are only two stitches – knit and purl. So knitting is inherently binary, and that opens up a world of possibilities for a coder.
Knitted fabric can be used to encode data in a number of ways, from QR code mittens to a fluffy red virus scarf. Patterns themselves become algorithms, and new syntax proposals allow for automated testing, compilers, and even visualisers. Crafters and programmers are working together in the burgeoning Maker scene to hack hardware, create innovative e-textiles, and push the computational limits of sticks and string.
Come along and see knitting in a new light, as a model of computing.

The Speaker:
Kris has been building websites in one form or another for over twenty years.
She’s been a developer, a business analyst, and a manager at technology startups in the UK and Australia, most recently at Canva in Sydney. She now heads up Developer Relations for YOW! Conferences, meeting and working with developers around Australia and Asia.
In her spare time she knits and sews, hacks on her personal sites, and helps organise events for the local Girl Geeks chapter. Her Instagram account is pretty much all selfies and food.

The Schedule:
Thursday, 23rd of March

6:00 PM Doors open
6:30 PM Talk and questions
8:00 PM Mingle
9:00 PM Close

Free entry. Register at:


Zendesk Offices,
Lower Ground, 67 Queen Street, (Corner of Queen Street and Collins Street)
Victoria, 3000,

Market Place