2-plan Desktop

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Publisher’s notes: As a free project management software, 2-plan Desktop combines the advantages of traditional and agile project management methods into one effective tool to setup, plan, and monitor your projects. The first to offer free and easy to use Graphical Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), 2-plan Desktop uses a top down planning approach so you can layout the high-level scope of your project and then work downwards to add additional details as they become available. Easily schedule your project by creating work packages, defining dependencies, and allocating resources. Use click-and-drag functionality directly within the Gantt Chart to make quick changes. Customize the layout of your screen so the features you use most are right where you need them. Drag-and-drop mind map objects into project objects, and more!

Platform Version Release Date Size
Windows 7, Vista, XP Desktop Sept. 1, 2011 114.5 KB Download

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