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How Project Management Can Advance Your IT Career

What other challenging opportunities lie within the IT sector? Seeking new frontiers to progress your career? Project management can help you excel

Finding a fulfilling job is crucial. But what if you’re without direction in an increasingly competitive field? If you are currently employed in the IT sector and looking to advance your career, you may wish to consider up-skilling in project management. Not only has employer demand for professionals with product management expertise increased, managerial roles can be very rewarding and open doors to a myriad of opportunities.
Here are four ways project management can give you an advantage in the workforce.

1. Project management builds your negotiation skills when liaising with clients and stakeholders

Author and former presidential speechwriter, James Humes says, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” To successfully orchestrate all elements of a project, the skill of communicating is invaluable, especially with important parties. Good project managers liaise and negotiate with their clients and stakeholders to understand requirements and concerns. Changes to project plans can then be made to reflect these needs and assignments can still be completed on time and within budget.

2. Project management builds your business acumen

Project management involves overseeing tasks at all levels of business and requires a broad understanding of activities across different roles. Being able to organise people in different positions is a skill that is highly sought after by the biggest corporations. Delegating tasks relevant to team members facilitates a more streamlined approach to project completion.

3. Project management builds your strengths in time management

A recent study by the Center for Business Practices found organisations that implemented project management were able to complete 50% more projects and even reported a 27% improvement on ROI. This is because when assignments are properly organised and distributed, and when staff is productive, all objectives can be met in a timely and measurable manner. A good project manager is able to allocate priorities so that their assignments are completed as efficiently as possible.

4. Project management teaches you to lead and manage people

Being in charge of large projects means being responsible not just for operations but also for large groups of people. A great project manager requires great leadership skills to help motivate and drive teams to success.

Interested in improving vital skills like time management and negotiation in the context of complex workplaces? Want to know how an organisation operates at every level so that you can orchestrate successful projects? Learn what it takes to make an outstanding project manager with a 100% online postgraduate qualification from RMIT University.

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