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Moving from insight to action with real-time analytics

​As big data goes mainstream, real-time analytics has emerged as the catalyst to turn insights into more immediate action.

As big data goes mainstream, real-time analytics has emerged as the catalyst to turn insights into more immediate action. It’s a trend playing out across the enterprise as businesses seek more data to enrich the customer experience and exploit new revenue opportunities.

The ability to act quickly on data insights is key but for many the path from data to insight to action is paved with challenges. Chief amongst these is the gathering of data which is often locked away in disparate systems or complex datasets. Visualising data so that it can be interpreted by a wide range of users is also a stumbling block.

So how can businesses push past these challenges and make data immediately accessible to those who need it? For many, the answer starts with real-time search capable of extracting insights from terabytes of data – both structured and unstructured.

Making data usable in real-time

Elasticsearch is one tool used by businesses globally to gather and index data for real-time use. It’s embedded into modern data applications such as DocuSign, GitHub, Tinder and Wikimedia and also used by more traditional businesses for everything from search to security.

One of these is The Guardian which has used the open source search and analytics engine to power its in-house analytics platform. The platform, called Ophan, was created from a hack day to provide journalists with an immediate feedback loop to improve traffic to the website. Journalists can track daily page views in real-time enabling them make changes to articles and see the impact of those immediately.

Graham Tackley, Director of Architecture at the Guardian said, “Elasticsearch helps us process 40 million documents a day delivering real-time analytics across our global web properties.”

The analytics are used by the entire newsroom to make rapid changes and optimise site traffic.

Proliferation of use cases

This is just one of hundreds if not thousands of use cases being powered by real-time search and analytics. Organisations like Australia-based Lumanetix are continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Lumanetix’ voice driven semantic search engine built on top of Elastic enables faster and easier search navigation and discovery within database-backed portal websites and mobile apps through more natural user interfaces. This helps companies modernise their existing apps by embedding next-gen voice and usability innovation together with the power and scale of the Elastic Stack.

Mark Walkom, Solutions Architect for the Elastic ANZ team said, “Real-time analytics is delivering on the promise of big data and all of the good things that come from connecting the dots. Just within our user base we see organisations and developers using real-time analytics for everything from fraud discovery, log analysis, retail tracking and regulatory compliance.”

The use cases continue to grow as businesses seek to solve new challenges and remain competitive with the use of real-time analytics.

Additional information about Elastic can be found at elastic.co

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