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Monash Online is one of the leading Group of Eight universities, that offers unique 100 per cent online learning for degree courses in the areas of Psychology, Health and Data Science. With the flexibility of studying wherever and whenever it suits you, gaining a qualification for your next step in your career is within your grasp. Take a look through our brochures to find out more about your area of interest.

How to make a career change into data science and why it will put you on an enviable career trajectory

​With 14.2 million Australians connected to the internet, having downloaded 3.6 million Terabytes of data​ in the last quarter of 2017 alone - it's irrefutable that data fuels the future. 90 percent of all data​ has been produced in just the past two years. With this recent explosion in the data generated and retained by companies, the need for a new generation of trained data experts with the ability to make sense of it all has never been greater.