• IPv6 – are you ready? Pt 2

    Last post, I discussed the imminent demise of spare IPv4 addresses, wherein the last addresses are likely to be allocated to end user organisations around November 2011. After this point, no more IPv4 addresses will be available – and this means that the way people will be connected to the Internet will have to change.

  • IPv6 – are you ready? Pt 1

    The Internet as you’ve come to know it is about to change. It’s not a bad change, and it won’t be a dramatic change, but it’s a change that if you work in this industry, you’ll need to know about – preferably now. Yesterday, actually.

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  • Innovation!

    In the modern economy with constantly evolving trends, technologies and ideas the companies that don't innovate will be overtaken. Innovation is no longer the domain of R&D, new product development or IT, but instead a core deliverable of every business unit and the foundation of success and profit.

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    Adrian Abrate is the founder of Pogospring.com, a Sydney-based business and technology blog.

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    Davy Adams is the Managing Director of IDG Australia, publisher of Computerworld and CIO.

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    Morris Kaplan, one-time stockbroker and venture capitalist, brings his finance skills and recent experience as a business journalist and writer to IT, with a special interest in telecoms and how communications is being transformed by technology.

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    Ross Maher is the director of Build21c, an innovation project planning and research company that helps companies innovate. His specialities include project definition and set up, and he believes the best innovation occurs through a conversation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Learn more at www.build21c.com.au


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