• Android vs iPhone Australian Market Share

    There’s been a lot of huff and puff about Android vs iPhone market share lately, but when I look at which smartphone people use it’s almost always an iPhone, albeit with the occasional Blackberry. So I was curious as to how the mobile market was evolving in Australia.

  • How to get a campus/estate-wide fibre network at a fraction of the cost

    Passive Optical Networks, or PON, are essentially point-to-multipoint fibre networks using a combination of time division multiplexing (TDM) and wave division multiplexing (WDM) to allow multiple client” switches to talk to a “parent” switch along the same single core of fibre, with passive optical prisms (splitters) being used to direct the light down multiple paths.

  • Investors hang up on Telstra

    Legacy issues always loom large for technology companies; for Telstra the issue of legacy is more to do with an engineering mindset rather than a marketing one.

  • The NBN investment equation

    Malcolm Turnbull has been given the brief to "demolish" the government's NBN broadband business. As the co-founder of Ozemail he might indeed prove the case for the next White Elephant

  • Identity Theft: More than your credit card

    Identity theft is a crime whereby a malicious person gathers enough information to successfully impersonate another in order to gain some benefit. While most people may immediately think of identity theft as stolen credit card numbers or online banking details, identity theft encompasses a lot more than just this and has become integrated into a highly structured, organised crime.

  • Redundancy versus Capacity

    A truly reliable network has to be able to handle the volume of traffic and failure of equipment. The unfortunate truth is that you can have redundancy or load balanced capacity but rarely both at once.

  • Analysts' Corner

    The latest analysis on Australia's ICT sector.

  • Changelog

  • Fair Warning

    The latest from the world of IT security.

  • Follow the Money

    Keeping an eye on the market

  • Innovation!

    In the modern economy with constantly evolving trends, technologies and ideas the companies that don't innovate will be overtaken. Innovation is no longer the domain of R&D, new product development or IT, but instead a core deliverable of every business unit and the foundation of success and profit.

  • Adrian Abrate

    Adrian Abrate is the founder of Pogospring.com, a Sydney-based business and technology blog.

  • Davy Adams

    Davy Adams is the Managing Director of IDG Australia, publisher of Computerworld and CIO.

  • Morris Kaplan

    Morris Kaplan, one-time stockbroker and venture capitalist, brings his finance skills and recent experience as a business journalist and writer to IT, with a special interest in telecoms and how communications is being transformed by technology.

  • Ross Maher

    Ross Maher is the director of Build21c, an innovation project planning and research company that helps companies innovate. His specialities include project definition and set up, and he believes the best innovation occurs through a conversation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Learn more at www.build21c.com.au


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