Stories by Jon Silk

NSC wins VoIP contract with MYOB

NSC Group has installed a voice over IP (VoIP) network for business consultancy MYOB linking its Sydney and Melbourne offices with branches in New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Sara Lee cooks up new connections

Sometimes, when it comes to IT, it pays not to hold back. When Victoria-based Sara Lee Household and Bodycare decided to migrate from its Lotus Domino platform to .Net a year ago, it immediately addressed some business-critical challenges.

2.2GB USB drives hit Australia

Comsol is poised to start shipping its USB mini-drives today following the delivery of the Australian-owned company’s first shipment from Taiwan.

SBS teases viewers with Xserve system

The promotions department at SBS Television once had a tough task on its hands. For the team of people in charge of producing the in-house adverts and graphics that air between TV programs, making a 20-second teaser for a forthcoming feature film could be a trying experience.