Stories by Lucas Mearian

iOS 11 uptake leaves iOS 10 – and Android 8 – in the dust

One month after its release, Apple's iOS 11 has blown past its predecessor and is now on more than half of all iPhones and iPads. That's in stark contrast to Android Oreo, which is on less than half of 1% of all Android devices even though it's been out longer.

Coming soon to the office: iOS 11's augmented reality

With the official launch of iOS 11 this week, Apple not only introduced a more PC-like feel to its mobile devices, but included an SDK supporting augmented and virtual reality, which has enormous potential for enterprise use.

What is FinTech (and how has it evolved)?

Financial Technology has been around virtually as long as the financial services industry itself. But since the economic meltdown of 2008, a new breed of disruptors has displaced traditional ecommerce providers with more efficient services.