Stories by Lucas Mearian

Spring forward leaves eBay behind

A problem with Microsoft Corp. software involving the switch to daylight-saving time this weekend left thousands of eBay Inc. customers confused for about 24 hours over when auctions started and ended, terminating some auctions while in other cases telling members that they still had an hour to bid.

MicroStrategy to cut 600 workers

Beleaguered software vendor MicroStrategy Tuesday warned that its first-quarter financial results will likely be below expectations and announced plans to cut about one-third of its 1,900 workers and to focus solely on its core business intelligence applications.

PC storage committee dumps content protection proposal

The latest in a line of controversial standard proposals aimed at preventing the copying and unauthorized distribution of protected data stored on removable media devices, such as flash memory, Zip drives and DVDs, has been narrowly voted down by the technical committee that's working on the issue.

Quantum take leaps into enterprise storage

After 22 years in the hard disk drive manufacturing business, Quantum Corp. announced today that its stockholders have approved the sale of its hard-drive division to Maxtor Corp. for US$1.1 billion in stock. The sale also marks a new course for Quantum, which confirmed its leap into a pure-play enterprise storage solutions company.

Internet Explorer vulnerable to attack: patch released

Microsoft is warning users about a security hole in Internet Explorer that could be used to force the Web browser to automatically open HTML e-mail attachments, potentially enabling attacks in which malicious hackers could delete data from PCs or cause other types of damage.

Visa customers reap benefits of IP network

As chief technology officer at Visa US, which handles 35 billion online transactions annually, Scott Thompson is pummeled with pitches about new networked storage technology that promises to reduce workload and bring a higher return on investment.

Publisher bids for eToys technology, customer list

The publisher of the Harry Potter series and other children's books placed the winning auction bid for the product inventory of defunct online toy retailer eToys, but the purchase is contingent on also getting Web-related technology and other assets in a separate bidding process this week.

Storage-management software fails to satisfy users

Of about 300TB of data stored in three separate storage area networks (SAN) at The Boeing Co., only 2TB to 3TB can be shared in a SAN with products from different vendors because the software available to manage them is unreliable.

IBM, Intel push for encryption standard

IBM Corp. is backing a standards proposal that would allow generic functions to be programmed into removable media such as DVDs, flash memory and Zip drives that, among other things, could limit what a user copies to or from his computer.

Visa's CTO banks new network on IP protocol

As chief technology officer at Visa International Inc., which handles 35 billion online transactions annually, Scott Thompson is pummeled with pitches about new networked storage technologies that promise to cut workload and bring a higher return on investment. gets $20 million lifeline from IBM

Struggling Inc. secured US$20 million in financing from IBM Corp. today, but the online retailer was forced to use all of its assets as collateral for the financial lifeline.

IBM bets on new storage technology

IBM Corp. this week announced that it plans to begin selling network storage appliances based on an emerging, but still unproven, technology that uses the Internet's basic communications protocol to connect LAN-based end users to corporate data.

EMC targets software at multivendor storage networks

EMC Corp. Tuesday announced storage-area network (SAN) software that's designed to manage storage devices made by some of its rivals, saying that the addition of mixed-vendor support is being done in reaction to pressure from systems administrators.

Priceline makes technology changes in effort to improve service

Struggling online discounter Inc. yesterday said the technology that runs its name-your-own-price Web site has been beefed up in an attempt to improve online customer service and shorten the amount of time that people buying airline tickets through the site have to wait for connecting flights.