Stories by David Carey

Inside the new Big Blue: A Q&A with IBM's CIO

Mark Hennessy speaks candidly on transforming the IT organization at IBM, fostering a culture of innovation, managing IT during the financial crisis, maximizing the value of social networking tools, and taking advantage of an imminent technological game-changer.

What CIOs Should Know About IT Legal Specialists

With the increasing complexity of IT transactions, especially in the field of e-commerce, there is a growing need for the services of IT legal specialists. To find out how such specialists can bring value to CIOs and their organizations when doing large IT transactions, CIO Canada recently held an informal roundtable with a group of IT specialists from law firm Davies, Ward & Beck. As a bonus, we gained some insight into Canada's place in the digital economy. What follows are highlights of the roundtable discussion, with commentary from Duncan Card, Richard Corley and Mark Hayes.

Bringing Home the World

Three years ago he became the first CIO of an Ontario school board. He's helped bring technological innovation to the classroom and he's passionate about the ways in which IT -- especially high-speed communication -- is revolutionizing education. But he's worried that our schools are underfunded in the area of technology and that we're moving too slowly in developing our children's skills in this area.

Pardon My French

His name is French, but he's as Irish as the Old Sod itself. He's published three adventure novels and a science-fiction screenplay, but his day job is something else entirely - CIO of the Canadian arm of a major pharmaceutical firm. And, oh yes, he's got several more novels in the works, along with another screenplay - this one, for a change of pace, a comedy.

Impact of E-Commerce on Strategic Planning

Electronic commerce is not only changing the shape of the business landscape, it's also having a profound effect on the IT organization. We brought together five Canadian IT executives and one executive from the business side to discuss how e-commerce is impacting the IT decision-making and planning process, and how it is changing the relationship between IT and the business.

Surviving Toronto's Megamerger

In a memorable scene from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, those fabled outlaws, played by Paul Newman and Robert Redford, are chased by a posse to the edge of a high cliff above a river. Realizing that their only means of escape is to jump, Sundance mutters despairingly, "I can't swim." Replies Butch, "Why, you crazy -- the fall will probably kill ya!"