Stories by Naomi Hamilton

The A-Z of Programming Languages: AWK

Computer scientist and compiler expert Alfred V. Aho is a man at the forefront of computer science research. He has been involved in the development of programming languages from his days working as the vice president of the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs to his current position as Lawrence Gussman Professor in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University.

Kerney dishes the dirt on Intel's virtualization plans

Intel is embracing the trend to virtualize across a broad range of business facets, from security to multiple core CPU's. The company currently has teams working on hardware features to assist with virtualized environments, and is embracing an open approach to the technology by partnering with major ISV's such as VMWare and Microsoft, as well as open source communities.

Macmahon strikes gold with virtual desktop

Macmahon Holdings, an Australian company operating in the mining and civil construction sector, has recently completed the rebuild of its entire data centre. By virtualizing the user desktop, the company has created a data network infrastructure which allows users to access the system securely from anywhere, at any time, and from any hardware device.

Top broadband ISPs deny P2P shaping

Australia's leading broadband providers Telstra, Optus and iiNet all deny limiting P2P traffic within their networks in order to increase network speeds and save costs. This comes despite a recent admission from Westnet, along with several other ISPs, that it has been using traffic controls to limit P2P traffic for the past year and will continue to do so.