Stories by David T. Gordon

IT ideology - John Hill

When John Hill joined Danbury, Conn.-based Praxair Inc. as CIO in 1997, he brought global experience and business acumen to a Fortune 500 company with an IT model that was, in his words, "immature" and "a collection of local organizations." A leading producer of industrial gases and surface coatings, Praxair operates in 43 countries and had sales of $5 billion in 2000. In addition to establishing global standards and some central control, Hill aimed to get his 500-member IT staff excited about Praxair's business mission and performance as well as its technical operations.

Management software can't replace managers

You manage IT people but, can you manage people with IT? That's what several recently developed software tools purport to do. Managers using these products allegedly can optimize personnel assignments and availability, ensure that employees are meeting performance goals and make better business decisions.