Stories by Cathleen Moore

Lotus opens Workplace 1.1 doors

IBM Corp.'s Lotus Software will detail its vision for enterprise collaboration this week with the launch of IBM Lotus Workplace. Version 1.1 of the J2EE-based platform seeks to offer collaboration technologies as components that can be embedded into a variety of applications and business processes.

Wireless applications set sail

Although much work remains to be done to sort out the hodgepodge of standards and outstanding technology hurdles in wireless infrastructure, the infrastructure layer groundwork is now solid enough to support the next wave in mobile computing, which will be applications that will radically alter how we live and work, according to Chris Shipley, executive producer of Demo Conferences.

Portal standards take flight

As two key specifications approach final status, portal vendors are stitching in standards-compliant APIs for delivering content and applications into the portal framework.

Groove tackles project management

Groove Networks Inc. on Tuesday rolled out a project management version of its desktop collaboration software designed to help distributed project teams work together more effectively.

Debate flares over weblog standards

Weblogs are poised to roil the status quo of enterprise collaboration and content management despite recent debateregarding the protocols underpinning the technology.

XMPP vs SIMPLE: The race for messaging standards

There's a race on for the future of the enterprise messaging system. The contestants are backing competing protocols for IM and presence awareness. Which standard takes home the prize may depend less on technical merits than on brute force. At the head of the competition are SIMPLE (Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions) and the open-source, XML-based XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). Both are currently being developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Messaging seeks new frontiers

Messaging vendors are rolling out low-cost e-mail systems that have been slimmed down to meet the needs of mobile and deskless workers in settings such as hospitals and factories.

FineGround debuts app monitoring software

Seeking to ensure high performance of critical Web applications, FineGround Networks Inc. last week introduced application monitoring software that can measure the performance of applications from the end-user perspective.

XMPP rises to face SIMPLE standard

With the lure of presence-aware applications and systems dangling before them, competitors are warming up for a heated race to establish an industry standard protocol for presence awareness and instant messaging interoperability.

Show zeroes in on content control

Content management wares took center stage at the AIIM 2003 Conference in New York , as vendors unveiled offerings designed to pull together content, portal, and process management capabilities.

Route optimisation eyed for network efficiency

Network efficiency achieved through route optimisation technology can lend a much-needed hand to IT executives trying to do more with less in these times of shrinking budgets, according to Allan Leinwand, president and CTO of Proficient Networks Inc. in a talk Wednesday at the InfoWorld CTO Forum.

E-records management moves front and center

A raft of new software offerings are taking aim at the growing problem of electronic records management, which as ascended to a top priority for many enterprises in recent years as tighter corporate governance and regulatory scrutiny have increased pressure on the issue.

Search engines target Web logs

A new crop of search engines tuned specifically to unearth information from Weblogs and other news feeds are emerging to help simplify the process of searching and navigating Weblogs. To that end, The Fuzzy Group LLC recently launched Feedster, a search engine designed to monitor and index the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds that comprise Weblogs. RSS is a Web content syndication format based on XML.

Citrix Systems expands into secure access

Citrix Systems Inc. on Tuesday pushed into the access infrastructure market with a new suite of products designed to consolidate identity management, application conferencing, and network services into an integrated offering.