Stories by Cathleen Moore

Blogs, wikis find a home in the enterprise

Blogs and wikis have moved past the flashy tech bling phase and are now settling in as core elements of the enterprise collaboration infrastructure. Two enterprise content management vendors are helping drive this evolution, bolstering their platforms with security and auditing functions designed to preserve the sparkle of blogs and wikis while making the content safe for the enterprise.

Google grows the Mini

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, the Google Mini search appliance is getting a teensy bit bigger. Google is expected to announce today two new versions of the Mini that double and triple the capacity of the existing appliance.

IMlogic launches IM threat protection

The number of worm and virus attacks crashing into corporations through IM is skyrocketing. This unsettling trend is forcing enterprise IT managers to finally get serious about securing corporate networks against IM malware.

Jabber to roll out IM appliance next week

SMBs looking for an easy solution for instant messaging will get access this week to a new secure business-grade IM appliance from Jabber. On Tuesday, Jabber will ship its JabberNow appliance, which the company says can allow SMBs and enterprise workgroups to set up secure IM in about 15 minutes.

Google Talk gives boost to XMPP

Google's entry last week into the IM space gave a high-profile shot in the arm to the open IM protocol XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). The decision to base Google Talk on the XML-based XMPP framework -- combined with Google's considerable market clout -- could shake up stalled IM interoperability efforts, or at the very least gives a big lift to a grassroots Internet standard.

Microsoft demos RSS features in IE 7

Whether the content streams are eventually called RSS ,Web feeds or some other name, a key design goal of the forthcoming Internet Explorer 7 is to let users easily subscribe to blogs and websites via Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

IBM and Avaya team up for VOIP

IBM and Avaya announced a partnership on Wednesday designed to bring integrated audio and VOIP to Big Blue's e-mail, IM, and Web conferencing products.

FAST prepping desktop search, platform upgrade

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) by the end of the year plans to launch its entry into the hot market for desktop search as well as deliver an update to its Fast Enterprise Search Platform (ESP).

Yahoo snags widget tool Konfabulator

Yahoo on Monday announced it has acquired Pixoria, a maker of mini applications, or widgets, that be customised to provide information such as Wi-Fi signal strength, stock prices, and traffic conditions.

Sun to resell Interwoven ECM products

Interwoven and Sun Microsystems expanded an existing partnership on Wednesday with an announcement that Sun will resell Interwoven's line of ECM products.

LinkedIn expands into paid services

The business-networking site provider LinkedIn on Tuesday launched an organizational directory service for groups such as professional organizations, alumni associations, and industry-conference organizers.