Stories by Bob Trott

Microsoft Hones E-Commerce Efforts

Microsoft Corp. on Monday unveiled a revamped e-commerce strategy, dubbed the dotSmart initiative, which focuses on industry partners and expanded service offerings.

COMDEX: Waiting for Windows 2001

Microsoft took a big leap forward with its .NET initiative recently, rolling out betas of Visual Studio.NET and the Microsoft .NET framework, and settling on an official name of the next version of Windows, now code-named Whistler.

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 6.0 Beta

Microsoft has released a beta version of Internet Explorer 6, the next iteration of its Web browser, to a group of testers, developers, and partners, the software giant confirmed .

CRM Software, Technologies Take Center Stage

A host of CRM (customer relationship management) vendors will tout their Internet-enabled wares this week at the CRM Conference and Expo in San Francisco, but a significant piece of the CRM action will be happening elsewhere.

Dell Joins ASP Pack

Dell Computer Corp. broadened its reach into the ASP (application service provider) arena Tuesday, announcing a pact with Xevo Corp. and Portal Software Inc. to deliver infrastructure technology to the ASP market, here at the Microsoft Exchange Conference.

Sun, CA Take CRM Plunge

If the surest way to know if a technology trend is getting hot is by who embraces it, CRM (customer relationship management) is hot, gaining the backing this week of two more industry heavyweights, Sun Microsystems Inc. and Computer Associates International Inc.

Microsoft Pans Government's Appelate Proposal

In a brief filed on Thursday, Microsoft Corp. accused the U.S. Department of Justice of trying to "short-circuit" its appeal of a federal judge's ruling that it is an illegal monopoly and of his order that the software giant be split in two.

Sun, E.piphany Ink CRM Alliance

Sun Microsystems and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist E.piphany announced a broad alliance Wednesday that will see the two companies partner on product development, sales, and marketing initiatives.

Computer Associates Wades into CRM

Computer Associates International will unveil a CRM initiative later this month, a key official said Tuesday, but the move shouldn't be interpreted as CA's "entry" into the CRM space.

Microsoft Invests $135 Million in Corel

Microsoft has made a $US135 million investment in applications rival Corel, creating a partnership the two companies said would focus on Microsoft's .NET initiative.

Allen to Leave Microsoft

Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft and rode its success to become one of the world's richest men, is leaving the software giant's board of directors.

Taking CRM Wireless

E.piphany Inc. on Monday announced it is adding wireless support to its E.5 System CRM (customer relationship management) technology, which offers corporations internal and external CRM solutions.

Top Antitrust Chief in Microsoft Case to Resign

Assistant U.S. Attorney General Joel Klein, head of the U.S. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division, has announced he is stepping down. But the departure of Microsoft Corp.'s antitrust archnemesis is not expected to impact the company's appeal.

Startup Gets Geographic with Online Ads

A silicon valley startup that debuted Monday is hoping to provide e-tailers the user information they need to strategically target ads and content without trampling on users' privacy rights.