Stories by Dan Neel and Tom Sullivan

Strength in numbers

In May 1999, online auction site eBay suffered one of the earliest and most publicised e-commerce outages of the dot-com era when its servers came crashing down, bringing online bidding to a screeching halt for an insufferable five hours. What could have prevented the historic network crash were clustered servers deployed as a fail-over to keep the site running in the event of such an outage.

Sun wraps management software around Grid Engine

Taking the grid computing model one step closer to becoming a mainstream architecture for the enterprise, Sun Microsystems Inc. on Monday fortified its Sun Grid Engine software and sent into beta release a new version of the technology, Sun Grid Engine Enterprise Edition.

Looking back on LinuxWorld

It was a good week for Linux as software vendors, application developers, and leading computer makers filled the San Jose Convention Center to demonstrate their support for open-source computing at the fourth LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

Gnome Gets Major Commitments

During an impressive show of support from a wide range of industry players for the Gnome desktop environment, both Hewlett-Packard Co. and Sun Microsystems Inc. declared Tuesday that they will use the Gnome environment as the default desktop interface for all future Unix PC shipments.