Stories by Tom Sullivan and Brian Fonseca

Analysis: MS recommits to vigilant security patrols

Microsoft Corp. has again signaled its intention to take a more proactive stance on security as the issue continues to plague IE (Internet Explorer) and Passport and undermine the company's software development credibility.

Microsoft suffers back-to-back outages

Raising questions about its security practices, Microsoft Corp. last week fought off two major Web site outages, claiming the first was due to an internal human error and the second was caused by hackers.
Although Microsoft maintains that the events were separate, some within the industry have doubts.

MicroStrategy Readies Easier Data Analysis

Database experts say that slicing and dicing data, in a way akin to data warehousing, practically requires a doctorate in statistics. When MicroStrategy Inc. announces MicroStrategy 7.0 next week, the company will aim to make analyzing data easier for average users.