Stories by Carolyn A. April

IBM to 'verticalize' management dashboards

Building off technology gained in its acquisition of Holosofx, IBM next year will begin customizing a set of management consoles that let users in vertical industries monitor business processes pertinent to them.

Attachmate targets mainframe reuse

Legacy integration specialist Attachmate Corp. on Monday rolled out a set of connectors that seek to expose mainframe data and logic in component form for use across the distributed enterprise.

Enosys puts liquid in Liquid Data

When BEA Systems made a big splash with its Liquid Data announcement earlier this month, not much was said about the secret technology sauce underpinning the integration initiative. But this week, the key ingredient is under wraps no more.

NetManage speeds up toolkit

Host access company NetManage Inc. on Tuesday unveiled the next generation of its Rumba development tools for building desktop applications that tap into mainframe and Unix programs.

WebMethods bundles JBoss app server

Looking to fend off challenges from BEA Systems Inc., IBM Corp., and other rivals, webMethods Inc. this week is unfurling a major overhaul of its flagship integration platform that deepens its Java support, bundles in the JBoss open-source application server, and revs up performance and scalability.

Sybase preps 'Ohio' platform

Sybase Inc. is readying the first major technology release, based on its 2001 acquisition of middleware player New Era of Networks (NEON), that is targeted at the higher-level stack layer of BPI (business process integration).

NetIQ rolls out developer kit for Web analytics

In an effort to get companies thinking early on about how to track online customer behavior, NetIQ on Monday will begin offering a free developers' kit for building analytics capabilities into a Web site during the development cycle.

EAI players seek higher ground

As open standards and XML start to strip specialization from the lower end of the integration market, pressure-squeezed EAI companies are hunting the higher ground of BPI (business process integration).

Analysis: Web services offers BPM hope

Enterprises are hoping the next wave of Web services development will take the sting out integrating business processes, creating nimbler systems that can help drive ROI, according to users and experts at InfoWorld's Next Generation Web Services conference in Santa Clara, Calif., last week.

E-Speak creators launch Confluent

The former leaders of Hewlett-Packard Co.'s e-Speak development team on Tuesday will launch a new company, Confluent, that aims to tackle the integration and management of Web services.

Tibco details its BAM vision

Fresh off its bargain-basement acquisition of business activity monitoring (BAM) player Praja Inc., Tibco Software this week outlined a strategy for serving up real-time enterprise information to help companies make better business decisions.

IBM to flood WebSphere 5.0 with workflow

Tightening ties between application development and integration technologies, IBM Corp. on Wednesday detailed plans to significantly bolster the workflow capabilities in the upcoming version of WebSphere Application Server Version 5.0.

Dimension Data reveals Web services play

Systems integrator Dimension Data Holdings has developed a framework for building, deploying, and managing Web services that it hopes will help fuel adoption of the standards-based application model.

Wal-Mart taps IBM for EDI transition

US shopping chain Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on Thursday tapped IBM Corp. to help migrate the retail giant's 16,000 suppliers over to the Internet as their medium for exchanging data such as purchase orders and invoices.

SeeBeyond lasers in on verticals

Kicking off its Horizons 2002 user conference in Las Vegas this week, EAI stalwart SeeBeyond Technology Corp. zeroed in on vertical industries with two pre-packaged integration solutions aimed at the health care and consumer packaged goods (CPG) markets.