Stories by Rob Hosking

NZ govt considers major gaps in hacking law

Major gaps in New Zealand's criminal law relating to hacking are under consideration by the new Labour government.
The Ministry of Justice's briefing papers to the new minister, Margaret Wilson, say the present law leaves the door wide open to hackers and even the proposed legislation before Parliament's justice and law reform select committee does not go far enough.

New Zealand R&D to Get Government Boost

A much more productive approach to research and development from central government has been signalled in briefing papers to the new New Zealand government administration.

Labor Promises Enquiry into NZ Telecoms Industry

Industries such as telecommunications and other utilities are different beasts to what the last Labor government was thinking of when it implemented the 1986 Commerce Act, according to the party's commerce spokesman Paul Swain.
The party last week announced it will hold an enquiry into the telecommunications industry if elected later this year. It also announced a raft of measures to tighten up the Commerce Act, several of which have the industry specifically in mind.
The inquiry will take a specific brief to look at number portability, the numbering plan, bundled services, information disclosure and access to the Internet under the Kiwi Share Obligation (KSO).
Swain says the last issue is of particular concern to the party.