Stories by David Binning

Unified communications - Part 4

While telephony is, of course, a core component of any business communications system, one of the biggest drivers for UC adoption to date has been the promise of high resolution video communications. With high definition video playing an increasingly important role in corporate UC projects, the issue of network capacity takes centre stage.

Unified communications - Part 3

Last year Microsoft and Telstra agreed to work together on developing a UCaaS offering based on Microsoft OCS and supported by the carrier’s vast fixed and mobile broadband networks. Neither company would reveal exactly how many subscribers they have signed up, except to say that they have doubled the number of UCaaS services sold between June and December last year. Microsoft will soon announce an upgraded version of the service which supports Lync 2010.

Unified communications - Part 1

Research has shown consistently that the major bugbear of IT managers about unified communications (UC) is perceived cost.

KIT BAG: The business at hand

Cynicism aside, the push to establish handheld technology as the new platform for enterprise computing will affect a dramatic shift in the way organisations view their IT infrastructures.
Evidence of handheld technology's emergence is growing.

Strike up the (broad)band

Telecommunications in Australia, since deregulation in 1997, has undergone a dramatic transformation from an industry with limited choices to one in which there are now more than 50 companies licensed to call themselves carriers.

Wired beyond sound

Handheld devices are slowly moving from being cute affectations to serious corporate business tools. David Binning investigates why

The power and the fashion

The increased reliance on electronic processes amongst smaller and smaller businesses, coupled with burgeoning infrastructures supporting electronic commerce have created an unexpectedly vibrant market supporting that standard old commodity - power. David Binning reports

The new Modem operandi

The evolving worldwide telecommunications landscape promises to deliver new
and potentially very lucrative opportunities for Australian resellers occupying the modem market.
But as David Binning reports, complacency on the part of resellers in terms of helping their
customers traverse the new landscape may see the playing field tilted dramatically in favour
of those with the strongest commitment to service

Channel stoush brews across the Tasman

Despite attempts by computer vendors in Australia to quell discontent amongst their New Zealand channel partners, many still believe they are being passed over for their Australian counterparts.

UPS There Cazaly

A handful of disastrous power outages in Australia and New Zealand coupled with wariness surrounding the early stages of electricity deregulation in Australia have jolted users into ensuring they control the switch for the technology driving their business.

Oz utility gives PeopleSoft financials the chop

Large scale restructuring has resulted in the downfall of PeopleSoft at Victoria's Gas and Fuel. The move comes just weeks after upward scalability issues saw the company miss a big contract at a Queensland bank, according to a report in ComputerWorld.

KNX, connect team for VPNs

An alliance between a leading Australian ISP and a local network solutions provider will attempt to break the current impasse to electronic commerce in Australia.