Stories by Carmen Nobel

Riya: New eyes on search

Riya is a search engine company with a business model based on the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Women in technology: A call to action

A quick scan of almost any IT department -- from the trenches to the corner office -- confirms it: Women who embrace technology as a lifelong career remain a rare breed. To be sure, opportunity for women in technology has advanced in the past few decades, as have education initiatives aimed at leveling the playing field, but for every woman rising to prominence or embarking on a profession in IT, there seems to be another opting out of her career in technology.

Back to school: Getting girls into IT

Despite the success of various education initiatives in the past several years, there's little doubt that the shortage of women in technology begins on the playground. As such, many industry leaders and experts believe the long-term solution to the gender imbalance in IT lies in women technologists going back to school -- way back, to high schools and even elementary schools to mentor young girls, who too often give up on math and science at an early age.