Stories by Sean Bacher

IBM rolls out optimization strategy

IBM recently announced its IT optimization strategy, which, it says, will help companies better align their IT infrastructure with their business processes. The end result -- streamlining a company to provide the best services at a minimal cost.

Power over Ethernet has potential

When installing access points, designers often use the availability of electrical outlets to base decisions on where to install their access points. In some cases, companies only locate their access points close to electrical outlets. These situations limit the location of the access points, and, as a result, reduce the overall flexibility of the wireless network.

Solaris 10 released

Sun Microsystems recently announced the launch of Sun Solaris 10. According to the company, it has spent over $500m to develop the operating system, and this has taken the last three years.

An Acer notebook for business people

Acer's latest addition to its notebook range includes the Acer TM8005 LMi, designed for business users who require a mobile, yet high performance, machine.

A space-age hospital

The minute you set foot in the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital you cannot help but sense that there is something very different. Is it the lack of people fluttering about in a panic? Maybe it is the lack of long queues so synonymous with hospitals around this country, or maybe it is the lack of dot-matrix printers hammering out patient records, labels and forms at admissions. It is in fact all of the above, and more.