Stories by Jennifer Greenstein

Conde Nast to Take Down Two Sites

In another sign of the difficulty of making money with content on the Web, magazine powerhouse Conde Nast is shutting down and, two of the company's five flagship sites. Both have been around for more than three years.

US Citizens Glued to the Net

With the outcome of the election hanging precariously in the balance, and with most Americans stuck at their desks Thursday -- far from a TV but nose-to-nose with a PC -- as the Florida recount is tallied, the Web is likely to be swamped with record traffic.

Revenge of the Trades

They have names like National Hog Farmer and Home Textiles Today. They're accused of being too cozy with the industries they cover, which supply the advertising. Their reporters don't appear on Charlie Rose. No wonder trade publications are often viewed as the dowdy stepsisters of consumer magazines, reliably churning out useful but dull copy while their glamorous siblings get all the attention.

APBnews Bought by Highest - and Only - Bidder

Two months after filing for bankruptcy protection, Inc. was sold Thursday to the highest - and only - bidder for $575,000. The price is a bleak sign of how quickly the value of a Web site can plummet. is the buyer.

More Trouble for APBnews Inc. just can't catch a break. The buyer that stepped forward on Monday to purchase the bankrupt site rescinded its offer Thursday.

King's Killer Gimmick

The Web phenomenon known as Stephen King has roared into the headlines again, drawing eager fans and even more eager media to his Web site for the second installment of his serial novel, The Plant.

Judging an E-Book by Its Typeface

As one publishing bigwig after another took the stage Tuesday in a New York conference room to boast about Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) 's new e-book software, a kilt-wearing Scotsman sat in a corner, smiling. Enters DIY Publishing

In a move aimed at frustrated novelists the world over, has teamed up with iUniverse, a print-on-demand Web publisher in which Barnes & Noble Inc. owns a 49 percent stake, to launch the Publish Your Book digital self-publishing program.

One for the Book

The movement to buy electronic books has yet to become a stampede. In case it never does, is trying another approach: offering books for free. Beginning today, consumers will be able to read the full text of books online, as long as they don't mind the advertisements strewn along every page.

Time Warner to Launch E-Book Venture

In a bid to enter the electronic books arena, Time Warner Inc.'s Time Warner Trade Publishing announced Tuesday that it has created a new, Internet-only publishing division.

Terra to Snap Up Lycos for $12.5 Billion

Spanish Internet group Terra Networks SA agreed on Tuesday to a $12.5 billion stock acquisition of Internet search company Lycos Inc. (LCOS) , a deal that the new company's chairman described as a challenge to America Online Inc.'s dominance of the Web.