Stories by Denise Ryan

Web Brings Corporate Problems

The Internet opened the doors to your information systems for success and disaster, do-gooders and miscreants, speedy business communication and loss of productivity. As your company harvests the fruits of the Web, beware the costly dangers of its rotten and poisoned apples.

A Hill of Online 'Beenz' Translates into Cash

In the mid-1990s, Web marketing techie Charles Cohen belonged to some twenty-odd consumer points programs. He collected gas-station points, grocery-store points, movie-rental points, and so on. His wallet was jammed with little plastic cards that tracked the accumulation of these points and periodically rewarded him with gas, discounted food, or a complimentary rental film.

Looking Behind the Resume

Finding qualified job applicants with the right work experience and solid references may seem like a small miracle during this global drought of skilled IT professionals. In the interest of filling seats, many companies tend to overlook a candidate's less tangible qualifications, such as temperament, attitude, work style, and personality. But the cost of a bad hire, especially at an IT-management or executive level, can be devastating, and some companies are using psychological tests to help assess the competency of candidates for business-critical roles. These companies view psychological tests as a way to help determine if new hires will be a boom or a bust in the office, and how they will increase or detract from productivity. CTO Keeps Site Evolution in Motion

In a moment of acuity last spring, Internet entrepreneurs David Waxman and Farell Miller noticed a dearth of major players in the online gift-service market. With the huge pool of potential online gift buyers in mind, they began preparations for the December 1999 launch of, an e-business that provides gift ideas for corporate Internet shoppers.

How Well-Connected Are You?

Once upon a time, people knew their neighbors, professionals met their clients for lunch, and receptionists greeted callers by name. But today, thanks to technology, we may pass an entire career without meeting some of our co-workers, says Cherie Kerr, author of Networking Skills That Will Get You the Job You Want and founder of ExecuProv, a training company in Santa Ana, Calif. This isolation keeps us from making valuable connections. "If you don't have networking skills, you're going nowhere. It's the contacts you make that decide your success." Here are five ways to avoid techno-seclusion.