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After reporting on changes to the Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional program, an IT specialist wrote to ask me to outline the differences between CCIP and the Cisco Certified Network Professional. Some of you may be wondering the same thing, so I'll share the explanation.

Core competencies for leaders

Open the newspaper and it seems there's one story after another about corporate accounting scandals and other ethical troubles. In the midst of all these troubles, however, the American Society for Training and Development says a common consensus about leadership is emerging.

Cisco changes CCIP

Cisco recently announced changes to its Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional certification. The vendor is adding new guidelines and requirements to ensure techies are well versed in the latest core IP technologies for service provider networks.

Citrix launches new certification

Remote access vendor Citrix Systems last month announced the creation of the Citrix Certified Integration Architect certification track. The advanced-level certification allows systems integrators and architects to demonstrate their knowledge of Citrix products and the technical expertise required for design and implementation.

Perseverance pays off

I received a great letter from a recruiter who gave me his take on job searching. I believe many of you will find it helpful so I'm passing along his words of wisdom.

Free fundamentals class

If you're new to IT or looking for an introduction for someone who wants to learn more about the field, check out Alcatel's free "Fundamentals of Communications" course available online. Experienced IT pros may even find this useful as a refresher on certain aspects of voice or data networking.

Character is crucial

What do employees look for in a leader? It's not the latest business book trends, but basic principles managers are more likely to have learned in elementary school. That's according to survey results from Right Management Consultants, a career transition and organizational consulting firm in the US.

Review time

The new calendar year usually brings performance reviews. If you haven't undergone one yet, your turn may be coming soon.

Shift circumstances

In companies that operate around the clock, there are likely IT pros pulling an evening or overnight shift to keep systems running. And if these people are anything like the respondents of a survey on shiftwork from Circadian Technologies, they're feeling overworked and undersupported.

Staffing software to take off

Recruiting and hiring via the Internet will become even more popular over the next few years, growing to a $4.5 billion market by 2004 and $10.3 billion by $2008. That's just one of the findings of a report from market analysis firm Aberdeen Group.

Study guide freebies

Need a little help studying for certification exams? You can find a treasure trove of free study guides for Cisco, Linux, Microsoft and Unix certifications at the Global Document Database.

Timely tips

We may have gained an hour when we changed our clocks in October, but the extra gift of time wasn't nearly enough for those of us who complain that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Work demands, family life and social commitments all share space on our calendars.

Nortel to launch VoIP certs

In November, Nortel will introduce two enterprise voice-over-IP certifications targeted at those who support core VoIP technology and products. The two programs are "Support Specialist: VoIP Meridian 1 IP Enabled 25.40" and "Support Specialist: VoIP Succession CSE 1000 Release 2.0."

Go green

Could your office or cube use a little sprucing up to improve your surroundings? Something as simple as a plant can improve air quality and enhance productivity, according to the folks at Plants at Work.

Security+ beta exam debuts

If you're planning to obtain CompTIA's new Security+ certification, you can save more than $100 by acting quickly. From now until Sept. 30, candidates can take the beta version of the exam for $90. The regular live exam will cost up to $200.