Stories by Amy Schurr

Requesting a raise

Those who were fortunate enough to stay employed during the recession likely endured pay freezes or salary reductions. Now that the economy is finally turning the corner, many workers may soon muster up the courage to ask for a long-awaited raise.

Biggest interviewing blunders

Thinking back to all the job interviews you've conducted, there may be a candidate who stands out in your mind as making a poor impression. Insulting the interviewer and eating a snack during the interveiw are just two of the interviewing blunders recalled by more than 400 hiring managers who participated in's recent survey.

2004 to-do list

As you're formulating your goals for 2004, consider Gartner's advice. The IT research firm has issued its 10 "Must Do" resolutions for CIOs and IT director, which centre around driving IT innovation while holding down costs.

Taking techies for a test run

Before you make an important IT investment, most of you try before you buy. Requesting an evaluation copy or demo unit helps you decide whether a product is suited to your environment. Staffing is a critical investment too, so you may want to give some thought to putting potential employees through a trial run.

2004 staffing outlook

While all signs point to an improving economy, IT staffing is only expected to experience miniscule growth this year. According to a report from Forrester, the average company plans a .3% in total IT staffing in 2004.

Sorting out security certs

Certification is on the mind of many security professionals, and the recent Computer Security Institute conference devoted much attention to the topic. In one session, Peter Stephenson of Eastern Michigan University's Center for Regional and National Security presented an overview of what certifications can do for you and which ones, if any, you should have.

Tech execs' top concerns

Technology executives' top concern in 2003 was reduced spending on IT, according to the results of a survey from The St. Paul Group. The leading high-tech insurer asked about 250 policyholders about their greatest business issues and concerns.

A place for CCIEs to convene

Cisco last month officially launched a free resource to help your IT staffers do their jobs better- the Cisco Certifications Community. Exclusively for those who hold Cisco certifications, the portal is a place for users to network and share best practices with their peers.

Workplace satisfaction

Only 25 per cent of workers surveyed by CareerBuilder say they hold their dream jobs, while the rest are dissatisfied with the pay, workload, stress level or career advancement potential of their current positions.

Ready for the rebound?

It's certainly not the best time for a job search, but career coach Andrea Kay says you could be doing several things now to propel your career forward when the economy recovers.

Nortel expands telephony certification program

Nortel recently added several IP telephony certifications to its lineup, including two expert-level certifications and two certifications aimed at those who design networks that use the vendor's products.

The business of you

Traditional job hunting doesn't cut it in today's tough job market, according to Niels Nielsen, founder of Princeton Management Consultants.

Cisco changes CCNP

Cisco has announced new requirements for its Cisco Certified Network Professional certification program. Specifically, the vendor is changing four courses and exams. The updated content puts more emphasis on convergence, security, quality of service, VPNs and broadband technologies.

Cisco reaches certification milestone

I knew there were a lot of you out there with Cisco certification, but I didn't know just how many. Cisco announced that it reached the half million mark of certifications issued worldwide as of March 2003.