Stories by Amy Schurr

RFID fact and fiction

In an effort to dispel some of the privacy concerns surrounding radio frequency identification technology (RFID), the Information Technology Association of America has issued a white paper covering what the technology is and is not capable of.

Executive career changes

What type of career opportunity would it take for you to contemplate making a big change? According to the results of a recent survey from Korn/Ferry International, taking an overseas assignment was the most popular option respondents would consider.

CIOs in the city

Projects such as Philadelphia's citywide wireless LAN kept legislators, lawyers and lobbyists busy at the end of last year, but are also fueling demand for City CIOs in the US. That job title has found itself a spot on executive search firm Christian & Timbers' list of Hot Jobs for 2005.

Premium pay for networking skills on the rise

Premium pay for networking skills is on the rise as executives turn their thoughts to retention, Foote Partners reports. A recent study from the IT workforce research firm finds that an increase in hiring, retention concerns, disappointment with offshore outsourcing and high demand for IT consultants are all driving up skills pay for specific specialties.

IT staff salaries set to increase

IT staffing salaries will increase by as much as 10% to 15% over the next three years, according to a new forecast from Meta Group. These higher wages will devour an even bigger portion of the overall IT budget, with labor costs accounting for more than 55% of an organization's IT spending by 2007.

Telecom departments tapering off

Telecom departments are increasingly being cast aside as IT departments play a greater role in crafting convergence strategies and making purchases, according to a US study from the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Awareness also requires action

Information security is everyone's business, but that message doesn't always filter up to the highest level of the organisation. New research from Ernst & Young finds that companies should be doing more to safeguard their data.

Looking for longevity

Job hopping for bigger pay or a better IT job title was a common practice in the boom economy, but executive recruiters are now looking for C-level executives who are committed to the growth of an organization. That's according to the results of a US survey from NETSHARE, a subscription-based executive job site for senior executives earning US$100,000 or more.

Five tips for hiring

When you need to hire an IT worker, nothing but the best will do. If you haven't had to use your recruitment or hiring skills in a long time, a refresher may be in order. I recently spoke with Steve Hall of the recruitment firm Find Great People International for some advice on choosing top IT talent.

Job seekers want respect

Nobody expects you to be able to hire everyone you interview for an IT position, but applicants expect companies to do a better job interacting with them. notes that job searching can be frustrating and demeaning because employers generally do a poor job filling positions, which is also a common complaint I've heard from Network World readers.

Dealing with drainers

While I hope you enjoy working with most of your colleagues, at some point in your career you've likely encountered a difficult co-worker -- a slacker, drone, manipulator or tyrannical boss. What they all have in common is they divert your attention from the tasks at hand.

Refocusing on retention

Remember back to the late '90s when many IT departments seemingly had a revolving door for job hoppers? In a fight to attract and keep the best people, companies offered nearly every type of perk imaginable. Now that the economy is improving, CIOs are once again paying attention to retention.

Bridging IT and finance

CIOs are forging better relationships with CFOs, according to the findings of a study from Cutter Consortium. In particular, CIOs and CTOs are learning more about business models and processes and the financial relationship between business and technology.

You'll have to be more specific

How many of the resumes that have landed on your desk were up to snuff? I'm not talking about the candidate's abilities and experience, but the way in which that person presented them on paper.