Stories by Daniel Keegan

Integrated Ticket Payment System Launched

SCT, a leading vendor of e-government and self-service applications, this week launched eTraffic.sct, a service designed to give courts the ability to establish a 24-hour, end-to-end system for parking and traffic tickets.

Technology a Sideshow at Fair

In an attempt to advertise Illinois' information technology programs, the state is hosting an exhibit at the state fair.

Site Has Lowdown on Ozone

A Pennsylvania nonprofit organization using Department of Environmental Protection data to warn residents about high ozone levels has launched its own World Wide Web site.

Des Moines Takes E-Gov Plunge

Des Moines, Iowa, has taken its first step into e-government, signing a contract with to place several citizen services online by November.

Dot-Com Makes Site Customizable, a startup that is building a World Wide Web portal to provide information and transactions for all civic institutions, has partnered with SilverStream Software Inc. to enable individual consumers to customize the site.

Partnership Joins Government, Customers

GovConnect Inc. has partnered with Interactive Intelligence Inc. to offer an integrated customer service platform to handle all types of communication - from phone calls and faxes to e-mail and Web chats.

NC Continues to Fortify E-Government

North Carolina has signed a statewide credit card contract that allows state agencies to use online payments for electronic transactions through the state's World Wide Web portal, NC@Your Service.

Real Estate Tax Payments Online in Memphis

Expanding on its telephone payment system, the city of Memphis, Tenn., will soon offer residents the option of paying real estate taxes online using a major credit card.

Court Finds City Discriminated with Web Links

By not providing a link to a World Wide Web site critical of its city, Cookeville, Tenn., officials were likely guilty of "viewpoint discrimination," the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled.

N.C. CIO Leaves for Private Sector

Another pioneering state chief information officer has decided to leave his post for the private sector. North Carolina's Rick Webb will become managing director of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP's ( state and local government consulting practice.

Texas Makes It Easier to Follow Money

Texas political candidates and political action committees can now file their campaign disclosure forms online, where they are available in real-time to media and the public.