Stories by Ted Landau

From Hiccups to Heart Attacks, We've Got a Cure

In a perfect world, you'd be reading something else right now. Of course, in a perfect world, you would not be seeing a Type 2 error message on your monitor as you try to start up your Apple Computer Inc. Mac -- and frantically worrying whether you and your files will ever meet again. You'd go to the Web to look for the solution, but your computer's on the critical list, so you can't very well use it to get online. And calling tech support means hours of hold time and countless transfers -- and maybe a big bill if your computer is no longer under warranty. You need help, and you need it fast.

Internet Explorer 5 Shortcuts

By definition, surfing the Web means never staying in one place for very long. The people behind Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE) 5 clearly recognize that if you're not jumping from one page to the next, you're racing from one end of the page to the other. That's why IE 5 comes packed with an assortment of ways to make your Web navigation faster and more convenient.

Voice-Protect Your Mac

You start up your Mac, and it prompts you to speak to it before it will let you access anything on your hard drive. Taking a cue from The Matrix, you reply, "There is no spoon." The Mac recognizes the unique characteristics of your voice and lets you log in. This is no science-fiction scenario-you can do this today with Mac OS 9.