Stories by Tom Duffy

Standard Issue

Standardizing desktop configurations at American Ref-Fuel might have been easier if IS Director Jeff Winter hadn't run into David Gutacker in the hallway of the company's Houston headquarters in late 1997.

Used Goods

Last month, Chris Marler got a panicked call from the engineering department at Komatsu, Inc. in Vernon Hills, Ill. The department needed a gigabit of memory for a new design application, and it needed it ASAP. Marler, the data center manager for the construction equipment maker, could have ordered new memory chips from a manufacturer. Instead, he called his favorite dealer of used and reconditioned network gear and related computer products: Midwest Technology/Leasing of Shaumberg, Ill. Marler didn't investigate the cost of new memory, so he doesn't know whether he saved any money on the deal. But he does know that he saved time.