Stories by Chris Nuttall

Report warns of 'mobile multimedia meltdown'

A new breed of roaming Napster Inc. able to swap music, video and text at will is set to terrorise content providers and artists alike, according to the telecoms and new media consultancy Analysys Reseach Ltd.

Microsoft chooses its PSA partner

Microsoft Corp. has just forged a partnership with a British company to exploit what some analysts predict will be a business worth more than 3 billion euros by 2004.

Rebel code-breakers storm the gates

Linux is alive and well. For all those devotees frustrated at the cult open-source code's painfully slow adoption by the masses, Glyn Moody's magnificent book, Rebel Code, restores faith that its heart still beats strongly. It still believes it can take on the proprietary world and - one day - win.

Internet map to help stop the rot

The map of the Internet has grown a little more complex since a sketch of the first node at UCLA in California was made in 1969. There are now more than 100 million hosts and probably more than 2 billion Web pages out there, and a map of the more than 100 billion hyperlinks between sites and pages does not exist - at least, not yet.

ECountries runs out of cash

ECountries Ltd., the business-to-business publishing and online marketplace, may be forced to close down because of lack of cash less than five months after its launch.

Baltimore to Buy Content Technologies

Two European high-technology companies, both of which have developed world-leading Internet security solutions, are to become one, with Baltimore Technologies PLC announcing the £700 million (US$984.6 million) acquisition of Content Technologies on Thursday.

Some U.K. Net Customers Cost ISPs $1,000 a Month

If World Online International NV's experience is any indication, Internet service providers in the U.K. are going to have a hard time staying in business. Heavy users of that ISP's service are costing it more than US$1,000 a month in some cases, while paying it a paltry $8.73 each month for the favor.