Stories by Ryan Underwood

Adobe plans one-week U.S. shutdown

Adobe announced it would shut down its U.S. operations during the week of July 4 as a cost-cutting measure, in part, to save on high energy costs in California during the peak usage season.

Macromedia cuts 10 per cent of its staff

Following quickly on the heels of the March 20 completion of its merger with Allaire, Macromedia on Tuesday laid off 10 per cent of the combined company's staff, totaling 170 people.

GM adopts J2EE platform for e-commerce site

General Motors Corp. announced Tuesday that it plans to incorporate a J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)-based e-commerce platform into its GMBuyPower Web site, a site launched nationwide by the auto-maker in 1999 that allows customers to shop for cars online.

The tech bust's silver lining

The near-annihilation of my fledgling 401(k) and the nagging worry of unemployment notwithstanding, I'll admit it, I'm happy the Internet industry is getting the thrashing of its young life.

Openpages integrates Dreamweaver

Openpages Inc., which designs enterprise content management systems, will announce Monday that its ContentWare application has been integrated with Dreamweaver, Macromedia Inc.'s dominant Web authoring tool.

New 3D Web tool linked to XML

We might one day look back at the week of March 26 as the dawn of the 3D Web. Coming on the heels of an announcement this week from Adobe Systems Inc. that it will release a beta version of a new 3D Web application called Atmosphere, Mariah Vision 3 Inc. today released 3Scape, a new 3D Web authoring application.

Multichannel strategy key to customer service

Michael Porter, Harvard Business School professor and author of Competitive Advantage, wrote in this month's edition of Harvard Business Review that a multi-channel retailing strategy that unifies clicks with bricks is crucial. Today, the accounting firm Andersen came up with some hard numbers to show that he's right.

UPDATE: AOL announcement targets B2B market

America Online and its subsidiary Netscape Communications announced a series of strategic agreements Wednesday that would beef-up the e-commerce offerings of a recently-launched B2B portal for small and midsize businesses.