Stories by David Watson

Outlook to phones likely to spur virus writers

Viruses on your cell phone are just a matter of time, say security specialists, following the launch of a Vodafone New Zealand Ltd. service that delivers Microsoft Outlook over its cellular network.

GPRS-based bus project gets green light

Auckland's bus service has been granted funding for a system that uses wireless technology and global positioning satellites to allow buses to pass through intersections more quickly.

Gartner: VoIP becoming more viable

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a far more viable technology that it was two years ago, according to Gartner Inc. analyst Geoff Johnson.

Visa unveils online security initiative in Australasia

Thirteen banks in Australia and New Zealand are taking part in pilot programs initiated by Visa International that will enable banks and retailers to exchange digital certificates to authenticate cardholders' identities.

Ansett web site apparently hit by hackers

Frequent flyer club members of Ansett Australia Airlines who accessed a promotional section of the company's website a week ago were greeted with a message saying "This site has been hacked by Chinese".