Stories by David Watson

Spherion sold

Recruitment agency Spherion's Asia-Pacific division has been sold to recruitment and HR management firm Ross Human Directions.

Adapting to HP’s hype

HP’s “Adaptive Enterprise” doesn’t appear to amount to all that much in the minds of its customers or industry watchers.

Cisco users calm after code leak

The calling in of the FBI indicates the seriousness of the theft of Cisco software source code, but local customers are taking it in their stride.

NZ - Aust join hands on therapy

While the bridging of the Tasman is in the news with calls for a single border, the effects of closer relations can already be seen in a call for IT services to a planned joint New Zealand-Australian regulatory body.

Spherion looks for new owner

The Australian and New Zealand operations of IT recruitment, technology and outsourcing provider Spherion are up for sale, following the decision by its US parent to divest its overseas operations and focus on the US market.

Doc app meets road body’s objectives

The New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority is looking for improvements in work practices and workflow out of a new document management system from Australian provider Objective.

Telecom looks towards Australia for voice system

Telecom New Zealand Ltd. is considering an XML (Extensible Markup Language)-based voice recognition system which will allow customers to carry out billing transactions without speaking to customer service staff.

Tait eyes world over VPN

Implementing Baan 5 over a worldwide virtual private network means Christchurch-based Tait Electronics can not only now achieve the kind of supply chain transparency that will let it see a transaction in Hong Kong as it happens.