Stories by Karen D. Schwartz

Network Access Control: Deploy Now or Wait?

Network Access Control (NAC) sounds like something of a panacea: technology that can not only authenticate who is using your company's network, but also ensure that users' methods of access are virus-free and fully comply with your company's corporate security policies. And NAC has been getting a lot of press lately-proponents tout its ability to keep corporate networks clean and healthy in ways that technologies of the past couldn't.

Network Management: Tips for Managing Costs

Of all of the ongoing expenses needed to keep corporate IT running, network-related costs are perhaps the most unwieldy. New technologies, changing requirements and ongoing equipment maintenance and upgrades keep IT staff on their toes and money flowing out the door. But there are ways to manage network costs.

E-Mail Policies: We've Got Mail

Hi, Bob. How are the kids? Guess what? We just signed Keanu Reeves to reprise his role in Speed III. I hope I see him walking around the lot one of these days! Talk to you soon, Janice."

Channel Surfing

Company: SBM (a subsidiary of Gates/Arrow Co.) location: Duluth, Georgiaa. PURPOSE: Order inventory and account status tracking EMPLOYEES: 120 REVENUES: Privately held EXTRANET SITE: VAR Central site staff: 4 CUSTOMERS: 350 resellers of Hewlett-Packard Co. 9000 products JUDGE'S COMMENT: "For a business whose success depends on partner success, this is a sharp site that offers great value to customers."

Intranet Business to Business Power Move

When e-commerce first entered the mainstream a few years ago, most companies believed the business-to-consumer model would provide the best long-term profit potential. But as many B2C efforts failed to gain steam--or failed outright--thinking has shifted. Today many believe that business-to-business e-commerce is the path to profitability on the Web.

Asset Management Controlled

For many years, American Home Products Corp. managed its IT assets in a helter-skelter fashion, like many other large organizations at the end of the 20th century. Each of the sites in the Madison, New Jersey-based company's pharmaceutical division managed its own hardware and software using a different spreadsheet or database, or manual list of assets. Derek Bluestone, the division's senior manager for global IT sourcing and acquisitions, admits the process was inconsistent and company executives had little idea what assets the division had, what they cost, how those assets were being used and even why they had been purchased in the first place. What's more, the division was beset by duplication of effort in PC procurement and management, multiple software and hardware surveys undertaken by different departments, and incomplete and inconsistent information across the board.