Stories by Tom Mainelli

HP to Offer Support for Business PCs

Hewlett-Packard Co. is turning to the Internet to try to make life easier for its customers. A 'Net-based service that automates technical support for owners of HP business PCs is scheduled to launch in April.

NEC Updates Windows CE-Based MobilePro

NEC Corp. likes Microsoft Corp.'s Windows CE. While companies such as Philips and Everex are jumping ship, and others await the Pocket PC update, NEC is quietly successful with its series of MobilePro handhelds, which the company is updating.

Why Sells Subscriptions

In an industry famous for change, these are particularly volatile times. Old-school computer companies such as Compaq struggle to find retail profits as PC margins grow thin. Upstarts like eMachines rocket to the top of the retail sales charts by selling ultra-cheap systems, expecting e-profits later. Apple's back in town, Dell keeps growing, and the Internet is ubiquitous. How will it all shake out?

Intel Launches 533MHz Celeron Processor

Eager to maintain a strong presence in the sub-US$1,000 PC market in the new year, Intel announced Tuesday availability of its new 533MHz Celeron processor.

Intel to push 800 MHz next week

Intel will escalate its speed war with Advanced Micro Devices next week, when the giant chip maker is expected to announce not only a 750-MHz Pentium III CPU that matches AMD's latest Athlon, but also an 800-MHz Pentium III.

Dell preloads Red Hat Linux

Buyers of Dell servers will get an easily accessible alternative to Windows NT when it starts offering to preload Red Hat Linux on its server products.