Stories by Tom Mainelli

Updated USB Standard Speeds Data Flow

Universal Serial Bus is among the few recent industry innovations that have delivered the ease of use they promised. It's already a simple way to connect peripherals to a computer. How do you improve on it? You speed it up.

Intel Shows 1.5GHz Pentium

Intel Corp. launched a major offensive Tuesday in the chip wars against Advanced Micro Devices Inc., demonstrating a pre-release 1.5GHz CPU and three "production-ready" 1GHz Pentium III systems in the keynote of its Intel Developer Forum here.

Micron Ships Sub-5-Pound Notebook

Micron Electronics Inc. targets small business and consumers with the release Monday of a family of TransPort LT lightweight notebooks.

AMD Athlon Hits 850 MHz

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. inches closer to the coveted 1-GHz processor speed mark on Friday when it announces the release of its Athlon-850. Several major vendors are already selling systems with the chip, and more are expected to follow soon.

Games console threatens the desktop

he real buzz in the PC industry at the moment is about a game machine.
Specifically, Sony's upcoming PlayStation 2, and the Emotion Engine processor that will run it. Developed by Sony and Toshiba, experts predict the high-tech processor will offer unprecedented gaming power. More importantly, it could provide the processing power for the PlayStation 2 to challenge cheap PCs as the entry-level device of choice for home access to the Web.

AMD Shows 1.1GHz Athlon

At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference here Monday, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. demonstrated a 1.1-GHz Athlon processor that uses standard cooling techniques.

Epson Launches New Photo Ink-jet Printers

Epson America Inc. delivers another blow to the corner photo mart with its latest round of ink-jet photo printers aimed at photography enthusiasts. The company announced today three new printers that combine improved technology and inks with special papers to create high-quality reproductions as durable as lab-produced photos.

Gateway Stores Preview Win2000

Dying to see Windows 2000 in action? You don't have to wait until Microsoft's official launch on February 17 if you have a local Gateway Country showroom with a Business Solution center inside it. The company announced Tuesday that owners of small and medium-size businesses who want a sneak peak of the new operating system can stop by for a test drive.

Dell Satisfies the Most Corporate Buyers

Despite some supply problems last year, Dell still outperformed its competition when it came to satisfying corporate buyers of desktops, notebooks, and Intel-based servers, according to a study released Wednesday.

Dell Launches New Consumer Notebook

Dell continues its consumer product line expansion with the announcement Wednesday of a new Inspiron notebook geared towards home and small-business users. The new Inspiron 5000 has an all-in-one design plus the option of a 15-inch, high-resolution super XGA-plus display.

DeskJets Offer Photo Ops--Cheap

Hewlett-Packard Co. looks to maintain its substantial market share in the ink jet printer market with the Tuesday debut of three sub-$300 printers for home and small-office users.

The Sony Emotion Engine: We're Talking Gigaflops

Microprocessor engineers, analysts, and journalists gathered for an industry dinner here Thursday night to talk about recent triumphs and future milestones. They discussed the highly regarded Athlon chip from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), Intel Corp.'s groundbreaking new Itanium processor, and the impending release of 1GHz chips. But the real buzz was about something completely different: a game machine.

Sony Announces Improved Vaio PictureBook

Sony Corp. generated serious buzz last year with its Vaio C1 PictureBook, a sub-three pound mininotebook with a built-in digital camera. The company hopes to thrill again with today's announcement of the new C1XS PictureBook that is smaller and faster and offers better digital images.

Toshiba's Stylish Sub-US$1,200 Satellites

Toshiba Corp. goes gunning for the low-end of the retail notebook market with its announcement today of two new Satellite notebook computers. Arriving in stores this week, both notebooks use Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) processors and feature Toshiba's sleek blue and silver design, introduced last year in its more expensive Satellite models.