Stories by Tom Mainelli

700MHz Pentium Powers Notebooks

Want a notebook with more jolt? Intel Corp. today launches its fastest mobile processors to date: a 700-MHz Pentium III with SpeedStep and a 550-MHz Celeron. Major vendors including Dell Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., and Toshiba are announcing new products built around the CPUs.

HP Launches Portable Printer

Hewlett-Packard Co. targets the growing mobile computer market with the release this week of its first new portable ink jet printer in years. The HP DeskJet 350 mobile printer is being announced Tuesday and the base model will sell for an estimated $269.

Notebooks Think Small

Business people looking for a new notebook computer now have a few more options. On Saturday, Acer Inc. launched a floppy-less model called the TravelMate 600, and today Toshiba Corp. announced additions to its Satellite and Portege lines.

HomePlug Tries to Revive Power-Line Nets

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance that was announced this week should bring a jolt of life to home power-line networking, a technology once assumed dead. But while the group claims some big-name founding sponsors, it lacks the support of a company that pioneered the technology--Inari.

HomeRF Networking Standard Gains Momentum

Supporters of the HomeRF standard for wireless home networks have reason to celebrate this week: At the Internet World trade show in Los Angeles, two companies announced the first HomeRF-based products to hit the market.

Gateway, AOL Team on Net Appliances

If you want a simple, fast, and relatively cheap way to access the Internet from any room in your house, Gateway 2000 Inc. and America Online Inc. are preparing some non-PC products that just might interest you.

DSL Broadens Its Reach

Hungry for a broadband Internet connection at home? Today there's a 50 percent chance you could get a Digital Subscriber Line broadband connection to your home in the United States.

IDVD Plays Movies, Surfs the Web

Ninety-nine bucks for a DVD player that also lets you access the Internet? Sounds a little too good to be true, but that's the estimated price for the Neo IDVD Internet appliance announced Monday by eisa Ltd.

Intel to Launch New Celeron CPUs Tomorrow

Intel launches its 566- and 600-MHz Celeron processors Wednesday, but don't expect to buy a budget PC with either chip soon. Despite the chips' improvements in speed and design, no major PC vendors have immediate plans to ship home PCs that use them.

Smart Appliances to Outnumber PCs

Information appliances will outsell PCs worldwide by the year 2005, but they won't replace your PC, according to a recent report.

How Much Memory Do You Need?

Buy as much memory as you can afford. That's always been the conventional wisdom for Microsoft Corp. Windows users. When memory was dirt cheap and you were only talking about 16 megabytes at a time, that was great advice. But now that RAM is a little pricier and upgrading means adding 64MB at a crack, you're getting into serious money.

Crafting the Next PC Interface

PCs are evolving at an astounding rate, but our ability to interact with them is not. We're still stuck at a keyboard, entering information the old-fashioned way. It's time for an interface built for the way humans work.

Exploring the Computing Continuum

Someday, you won't carry a notebook computer or even a palm-size PC to stay connected. Instead you'll have multiple computers on your person: in your shoes, in your ink pen, even woven into your clothes.