Stories by Tom Mainelli

Intel introduces 12 mobile chips

Undeterred by a sluggish economy and slumping PC sales, Intel Corp. is unveiled 12 new mobile processors Monday--including its fastest, which hits 1.2 GHz. Also new is an improved mobile chip set with integrated graphics that Intel says will rival some standalone products.

Intel previews 3.5-GHz Pentium 4

Intel Corp. made two stunning disclosures Tuesday, demonstrating a Pentium 4 processor running at 3.5 GHz and then admitting that CPU speed isn't everything when it comes to chip performance.

Dell ships $1049 notebook

Dell Computer Corp. sets its sights lower, much lower, with the launch today of its first near-$1000 notebook, the Inspiron 2500.

Microsoft amends Passport policy amid complaints

Microsoft Corp. has quickly rewritten its Passport password service's terms of use, after customers and privacy advocates loudly complained about that the document appeared to grant the company ownership of users' content.

Excite@Home update 'Zooms In' on searches

Excite@Home Inc., still trying to make the Web easier to use, has revamped its Precision Search service on so you can "Zoom In" on a topic, refine your search, and even misspell your subject.

Toshiba ships easy Internet server appliance

If you can operate a PC and Web browser, than you can set up your own small business or home office server, according to Toshiba Corp. Of course, the server Toshiba has in mind is the Magnia SG10 server appliance, shipping Monday.

Wirelessly link to your credit card info

If you carry an Aria Visa credit card, as well as the right kind of cell phone or personal digital assistant, you can now access your account information from anywhere.

Intel launches ultra-low power mobile processors

Intel Corp. is firing a return shot at low-power chip newcomer Transmeta Corp. by releasing two low-power processors it claims run faster and use less power than Transmeta's Crusoe. IBM Corp. is the first supporter, using one of the chips in a notebook shipping shortly in Japan.

Dot-Com Deaths Won't Kill Internet Economy

The high-profile deaths of a few big-name dot-com retailers don't foreshadow the end of the Internet economy. In fact, a new study suggests electronic commerce will become the industrial revolution of this century.

Intel Delays Pentium 4

PC buyers eager to get a Pentium 4 system will have to wait: Intel has quietly delayed the chip's expected release date to deal with last-minute chip set problems.

Intel crafts PCs that hear, see

Intel makes more than processors, and members of the Intel Labs research and development team are eager to show off the likes of vision-equipped computers to ultrasonic pens.
Wave to your PC Gesture recognition is one area of the Labs' focus, says David Tennenhouse, vice president and director of research, speaking at the Intel Developer Forum last week.

Toshiba Unveils Thin, Quiet Equium

Toshiba Corp. is targeting business users in search of a thin, quiet, easily upgradeable desktop with its announcement Monday of the new Equium 8000S.