Stories by Suzanne Gaspar

The new security battle plan

Security used to mean setting up a firewall as a perimeter line of defense with trusted users on the inside and untrusted users on the outside. But in today's world of remote workers, trading partners, e-commerce customers and internal hackers, that perimeter line has been blurred beyond recognition.

E-mail marketer settles suit against MAPS

E-mail marketer Experian and the antispam group Mail Abuse Prevention System have settled a lawsuit filed by Experian after it was listed on MAPS' spam blacklist and effectively shut down for two days in November 2000.

Digging for Resources

Your company's Web site is drawing more visitors than ever expected, and it won't be long before traffic slows to a crawl if you don't do something about it. You only have a few weeks to figure out which type of cache implementation will work best for your network and decide what to buy.

In IT, a Disability Is no Liability

Rodney Wines sees his role in networking clearly. He's the senior systems administrator for Alcatel SA's corporate headquarters in Paris. A 30-year veteran of the computing industry, today he installs TCP wrappers, as well as DNS, SMTP, proxy and Web servers; manages network backups, writes scripts and more.

Desktop Suites Extend Their Reach

Desktop management tools have traditionally gone a long way in alleviating the aches and pains associated with heavy-duty sneaker networking. But the current trend is to extend centralized desktop management's reach into the realm of automated software distribution, application healing and desktop policy management.