Stories by Steve Schwartz

Mac e-mail showdown: Which program delivers?

For many of us, our e-mail client (mail program) chose us rather than the other way around. Apple's Mail sits in the dock of every new OS X-based Macintosh. If you're a Microsoft Office fan or liked Outlook Express back in the OS 9 days, inertia may have you using Entourage, Office's e-mail component. Or if you're partial to Web-based e-mail, such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Gmail, you're probably using a browser by default to create, read and respond to e-mail.

MYOB Accounting Plus 9.0

Following the trend toward consolidation, MYOB US Inc. has melded features from its two flagship accounting programs into one general-purpose package that lets you do it all-payroll, inventory, job tracking, and time billing. On a superficial level, MYOB Accounting Plus 9.0 hasn't changed substantially from earlier versions; the interface may still have you reaching for the manual or calling tech support. But MYOB Accounting Plus is an extremely capable program that, once mastered, will serve small and medium-size businesses admirably.

MacWasher Utility Covers Tracks of Web Wary

Most of us think twice before giving out a credit card number. But have you ever stopped to think how much personal information is readily available to anyone who sits down at your Mac? For instance, the Recent Documents folder in the Apple menu lets anyone see which documents you've recently opened. And your Web browser is an open book on your Web habits: it stores a history of the sites you've visited; temporary items (such as graphics) that make up Web pages; and cookies that tell Web sites who you are, where you've been, and so on. If you want to avoid leaving such telltale tracks, MacWasher 1.0.2, an inexpensive utility from Webroot Software Inc., may be the solution.