Stories by Michael Crawford and Darren Pauli

Altiris purchase has secret agenda

The US$830 million purchase of Altiris by Symantec should do more to prove Symantec on-paper growth rather than creating extra value for existing Symantec customers.

Unbridled demand for IT staff? No way!

Figures from the latest IT recruitment report on salary figures and pay rates have been shot down by industry analysts and IT managers alike as unrealistic but recruitment firms claim salaries for IT professionals are definitely on the increase.

Industry act to contain offshore scandal

Australian IT managers last week sought assurances from offshore providers that their data was safe in the wake of a controversial documentary showing identity thieves purchasing the credit card details of 200,000 customers in Bangalore.

Cyber insurance, what's that?

Cyber insurance will become as commonplace as car or home or any form of business cover within a decade as a way to mitigate financial losses should a "cyber attack" occur and sensitive data be lost or stolen.

Love your firewall - changing is too painful

A lack of industry standards and few migration tools means that moving from one brand of gateway firewall to another can be a daunting task that can take six months or more.